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Singular Mythologies, Galerie la Poste: Guy L. Heureux
Permanent Danger, Textile Museum of Canada: Darren Rigo
Book of Abandoned Details, Esker Foundation: John Dean
Paper Doll, Owens Art Gallery: Steve Farmer


All other photographs by Istvan and David Zsako.

Artist Acknowledgements:

Anna Torma would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the
Arts for the development of her exhibitions.


The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation was instrumental in the research phase of
Permanent Danger show through an International Travel Grant that allowed her
to travel Europe to visit museums and botanical gardens, and to source materials
in preparation for the production of new work.


The New Brunswick Arts Board - a long time support of several projects through
Creation and Travel Grants.


The artist’s family of very special artists – her husband Istvan Zsako, her sons
Balint Zsako and David Zsako, and her mother Piroska Torma – have provided
lifelong encouragement, support, and inspiration.

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