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NEW WORKS 2020-2021

“COVID COLLAB—ISTVAN ZSAKO AND ANNA TORMA: The lock down period gave us a time to experience a two-person collaboration with left over materials what we found at the studio and ended up making these brightly coloured, hand wrapped tubular forms. They resemble the natural world: plant shots, budding and in web like connections with each other. It is work in progress; the finished piece will appear as one big hanging and bulging installation: accumulate in the space and layer with meanings.”

“BLACK AND WHITE: I figured out a new technique for collaging on silk surface with black silk fabrics and hand embroidery. On a white silk base, I made the drawing first, then cut out loosely the black elements. I choose interesting dark fabrics, then saw the pieces onto the base to stabilize the composition. The frayed edges of cut textiles disappear under my hand stitches, give the forms a clean-sharp-edges and make the composition contrasted. The black and white forms are related to my previous series like the Abandoned Details, they speak about imaginary creatures, fragmentation, and nature.”

“FLORAL: new series of large scale, double sided carpets, made with hand stitches on several layers of silk base. The floral elements are from my garden, interwoven with visual and cultural references, open ended dialogue between contemporary and historical people.I made the first few pieces of this series for my solo exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada in 2020. The next stop is at the Art Gallery of Guelph, then the “Permanent Danger” travel to the Owens Art Gallery in Sackville, NB where a bilingual, full catalog will be launch at the end of 2021.

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