My creative practice is craft based; I have long history of producing large-scale hand embroideries and exhibit them internationally.


I do hand embroidery, telling stories on hand-stitched surface. I fascinated by every aspect of my creative activity:  the material itself which can be fine silk or raw hemp, mercerized cotton, man made fabric or found piece of needlework.


Experience with textiles goes back where my conscious life began; playing with rag dolls undisturbed in a quiet corner of our farmhouse in Hungary.


Drawing is very important part of my visual language. I choose subjects what I like around me: gardens, food, nature, family, friends, primitive art. I do figurative works, the elements of the image could be borrowed from found objects, children's drawings or street art.


I developed a fluent and productive working method with hand-stitching technique and I can produce large hangings in series and in installation form.