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Divergenceset reciprocite/ Flowers,Warriors,Beasts,Hands

Ideas of coalescence and connections are at the heart of the Torma-Zsako exhibition at Projet
Casa in Montreal. The project brings together four artists, Anna Torma, Istvan Zsako, David
Zsako and Balint Zsako, with the aim of exploring how their diverse artistic practices relate and
interconnect. In their own ways, all four artists reflect the current social and environmental
context, commenting as they do on human migration, consumerism, recycling, technology, flora
and fauna, life and death.

All four artists demonstrate expert technical skill and a keen sense of the intricacies of human
relationships to each other and to our world. The exhibition shed new light on how rhizomatic
and interconnected family and artistic relationships. Moreover, an exhibition of works by all four
artists renew the aesthetics and social commentary that define contemporary art and our

Dr. Kirsty Bell

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